Sky Maps
Sky maps in COELIX

The COELIX celestial mapping functions allow you to get very detailed maps of the sky and make this software one of the best in this area. You can use COELIX to build your own atlas of the sky, to print maps centered on your favorite celestial bodies and to generate maps of the trajectories of planets, comets and asteroids.

The celestial maps can be displayed in various formats. You can get them with the north or the south to the top (which is very convenient for someone who lives in the southern hemisphere). You can display the coordinates depending on the epoch of your choice: epoch 2000.0, epoch 1950.0, current epoch or any other epoch. You can select the zoom and the coordinates of the center of the map. Finally, you can choose the elements to display and the language of the constellations' names (latin, english...).

The sky maps will not display only the stars. The maps also show deep sky objects (galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, quasars, galaxy clusters). Double stars and variable stars are represented by specific symbols. Galaxies are shown with their correct orientation. The maps also show the celestial coordinates, the ecliptic, the galactic equator, the boundaries of the constellations and the lines between the stars representing the constellations.
Contellations, major stars and all the deep sky objects are identified. Labels are normaly located to the right of their corresponding object. The software allows you to move the labels to avoid overlapping and to get a more aesthetic result. You can also add titles, comments and lines on the maps.

When everything is to your liking, you can save the map in a bitmap format or in a vector PDF format, to be able to view and print it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. See here how to get PDF maps.
There are above three examples of maps generated with COELIX and saved in PDF format. Click the link under each image to view the maps in PDF format.
1X Map: comet Hartley and double star cluster 2X Map: Sagittarius region 4X Map: galaxy cluster in Coma and Virgo