The amounts shown include all costs: transaction and taxes where applicable.

After paying through PayPal, you will receive two confirmation messages:
 • a first message from PayPal (within minutes);
• a second message from us (within 24 hours, usually a few hours).

These messages are sent to the email address you provided to PayPal. Make sure to write the address correctly.

If you don't receive the confirmation message from us within 24 hours, please contact us at the email address given at the Contact page. Give us also a different return email address if you do not receive a reply in a reasonable time. Also check if our confirmation message has not been taken and placed in SPAMS or junk mail.

There is no refund once the activation key of COELIX APEX has been delivered to you.

You can try the free version COELIX LITE to verify that the software meets your needs and expectations and that you can download large files (80 MB) from our site.

Ordering COELIX APEX downloaded

A fast connection is recommended since you have to download about 90 MB of files for the software and 180 MB for the Guide Star Catalogue.

After paying, the confirmation message you receive from us will tell you how to download and install the program and will provide your activation key.

Click the appropriate PayPal button depending on the currency of your payment area:
27.95 EUROS (euro zone)
34.95 CAD (Canada only)
27.95 USD  (United States and everywhere else in the world)