COELIX LITE Astronomy Software
The free astronomy software COELIX LITE 1.125

For Windows 32 bit and 64 bit

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Note: If you have already downloaded and installed an earlier version of COELIX LITE, you should not download this new full version. Go rather to the Update section to see the benefits of downloading the current update.

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COELIX LITE is the light and free version of the sky mapping, ephemeris and virtual planetarium software COELIX APEX.

This lite version is produced with the aim to help you freely evaluate the COELIX software, using most of the functions available. You can display on screen and print sky maps showing a multitude of stars and deep sky objects as well as the trajectories of current comets and asteroids.

COELIX can generate graphics, tables and a graphic almanac that show all the phenomena that can occur during one year, one month or any other period selected by the user.

You can also use it to display the ephemeris and see the celestial phenomena with animations for the interval of time allowed by this lite version (the last ten years and the next three months). You will be able to extend this period indefinitley with free updates.

The functions of COELIX allow you to see and analyze the celestial phenomena from any observation station on Earth. You can choose a site from a list or add and configure your own site. You can finaly use the software to control several models of telescopes with the ASCOM platform.

You can click the Features button to see a complete list of the possibilities of COELIX and to know the limitations of this LITE version compared to the APEX version.


The LITE and APEX versions of COELIX are evolving and improving regularly with new updates. By downloading updates regularly, you will have access to the new features added to the software and to the updates of the orbital elements of comets and asteroids without having to redownload the software completely. You can also move away the deadlines of the ephemeris. Another advantage of updates is that you do not lose the configuration of you software, such as the parameters of your observation station.

Click here to download and install free updates of your COELIX LITE.


If you enjoy using COELIX LITE and want to take advantage of all the features of COELIX without restrictions, you can purchase the full version COELIX APEX (downloaded or on CD) for a very low cost.
Preferably use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to download COELIX. Microsoft Edge could block it saying that this software has not been downloaded often by Internet standards, especially when the update is recent.

Telescope Motorization

See here

Installation program of the current version of COELIX LITE.

Follow the instructions in this program (downloading = 29 MB).


NGC7000   H alpha   JV
NGC7000 H alpha JV