Downloading and installing the main part of COELIX APEX:

Download and save the installer program coelixapex_2121_setup.exe on your computer. This 65 Mb program may take up to 2 min to download.

Please submit your personal activation key. (Enter all characters, including the +, the -, the semicolon, etc.) :
Note: the key may be deactivated if the program is downloaded on more than three different computers.

Find the installation program coelixapex_2121_setup.exe and start it by double-clicking on its name, and follow the instructions of this program. By default, the installer installs the software in the folder C:\NGC7000\CoelixApex\. You can choose to install Coelix in a different folder than the previous version to prevent deleting your personal settings and to be able to recover them, see below).
Note 1 : You can use this activation key to download and install this update on up to three computers you own.

Note 2 : In case of problems, please contact us at the email address given in the Contact page by sending us your activation key in your message.
Also view the installation and starting guide

Installation and starting guide
In case of downloading or installation problems

It may happen that the installation program stops and displays an error message saying that the installation file you downloaded is corrupted or there is a virus. The cause of this problem is almost always a file corruption when downloading. A single modified bit on the million of bits is enough to make the file defective.

To address this issue, you can restart the download, but you must absolutely delete each time the temporary Internet files before you do the download. When you download a Web page or file, your browser places a copy of this file in a folder of temporary Internet files. When you download again this file that has the same characteristics ( same URL address, same name, same length, etc.), your browser tries to fetch the copy of the file (possibly defective) in the folder of the temporary files rather than going to download the file from the Internet to save time.

So, always delete the temporary Internet files, close your browser, then restart your browser before downloading again the installation program. Perhaps it will be necessary to try this procedure several times before doing a successful download.

With Microsoft Explorer, you delete the temporary Internet files by clicking the button Delete files in the dialog box that opens from the menu Tools/Internet Options... Do not manually alter the content in the Windows folder.
System requirements

Windows 32 bit or 64 bit.
Pentium 4 or more recommended
Memory : minimum 1 GB.
Hard disk : 1 GB free space
Screen : resolution of 1024 X 768 or more recommended, set to 96 dpi or 120 dpi in Windows
Printer : laser or inkjet to print the sky maps, almanacs and tables
An internet connection is required to download updates of the software, updates of orbital elements of comets and asteroids, get the activation key, etc.

Security notice

Retrieving settings and data from a previous version older than 2.115

A complete install of Coelix resets the settings to their default values. But you can recover some parameters from a previous version of Coelix Apex or Coelix Demo by transferring them from the old folder to the new folder of Coelix (copy and paste).
Your site list and the current site
Transfer cxsites2.dat, cxsitesen2.dat and site2.dat files.

Your list of visual fields and the current field
Transfer the vfields.dat file.

Your sky maps
Transfer the skymaps folder.

Your graphic Almanac
Transfer the almanac folder.
This is the full installer of this version of the Coelix Apex program.

The installation is done in two steps:
you first install the main part of the program
you then add the Guide Star Catalogue
Adding the Guide Star Catalogue:

You need the Guide Star Catalogue, or GSC, so that COELIX APEX can display the stars down to magnitude 15.6 in the visual fields and in the sky maps at a 16 X zoom.

Go to this page to download and add the GSC.