My astronomy journey
About me: My astronomy journey
by Jean Vallières

Amateur astronomer since the age of 15, I worked in almost every aspect of this activity: construction of several telescopes and mirrors, construction of three observatories, organization of group observations, astrophotography with film and CCD, building of a CCD camera, conferences, etc.

In 1976, I built a prototype telescope that could automatically point the celestial bodies (planets and deep sky objects), which was an ancestor of the current goto telescopes. This telescope was awarded at the Stellafane convention, with also a good review by Walter Scott Houston in the Sky and Telescope magazine.

I was also very involved in the community of amateur astronomy in my corner of the Universe (in the province of Québec, Canada): first president (1976) and one of the founding members of the FAAQ (federation of amateur astronomers of Québec), publisher of an Observer's Manual, author of another astronomy book which has sold 10,000 copies, etc.

Retired since 1999 from teaching physics, astronomy and computer sciences at the college level, astronomy continues to be my main hobby. My main activities are currently the programming of the COELIX software and CCD astrophotography, in addition to beeing a grandfather (that also takes some of my time !).

This section is currently under construction. I plan to add a lot of photos in the near future.

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